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Green Brewing

Saving the Environment, One Beer at a Time!

Future Magic by our very name must be always looking ahead at ways we can help positively impact our community and create a culture that shares this vision.

The best way we can do this is to protect our future on the planet. Brewing typically is an industry that's highly detrimental to the environment. There is high electricity, natural gas and chemical usage that all contribute to a brewery's carbon footprint, not to mention an impressive amount of CO2 production through fermentation.

We plan on using little bits of magic to change this and improve our own environmental impact while remaining uncompromising with beer quality. See below for examples of our initiatives. 

The power of the Sun

This particular aspect is so important to us that we made it a condition of our lease!

We live in the perfect part of the world to make use of sunlight. The ample Queensland sun will shine brightly on top of our building and help to power everything below and more!

This served as the perfect starter for us in our environmental endeavours and it is that, just the start

Solar Panel Repair
Green Brewing: About

MOO-ving grains

As part of our vision of being beer create a central point in our community and culture we thought about who we get our materials from and where they go once we've finished the brewing process.

What we came up with is giving back to producers. Spent grains make excellent animal feed as they are rich in nutrients perfect for livestock. This also allows us to close the loop somewhat by tracking down food suppliers that also buy their ingredients from such farmers.

What does all this mean? It means that grains are grown and harvested one time, malted and used in brewing the beer down in front of you but the spent grains from that beer are given back to a farmer to help produce the food that your beer is helping to wash down! Reducing everybody's environmental impact significantly.

Green Brewing: About
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