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Our Community

Our passion at Future Magic, the reason we do everything that we do is for you, our community.

Long ago, when beer was a humble peasants drink made in farmhouses to nourish and hydrate the workers, an entire village or even multiple villages had a culture with beer at its centre. It was bartered with and for, gave people sustenance and then gave people a common place to go, enjoying each others company in the local brewery.

If recent times have taught us anything, it's that people are once again placing value on supporting local businesses. We want to welcome and foster this relationship and have already made our community an important part of our story as early investors from day one!

Future Magic Brewing Co. has been in the works for over 5 years. Since our inception we’ve dedicated ourselves to building what would become a project and brewery marked by a love for amazing craft beer and the community spirit it thrives in!


The culmination of efforts has resulted in the birth of Future Magic, a brewery with a vision. At its heart, Future Magic aims to reignite the role of beer as a centrepiece of community life. While the craft beer culture has made strides in this direction, we are are determined to go beyond, catering to newcomers and the most discerning craft beer aficionados alike! We aspire to forge meaningful connections with our locals in East Brisbane, who reside in the brewery's vicinity.


In essence, Future Magic is a haven for excellent beer, deeply intertwined with the local community. It's a place where stories of yesteryears are shared, using beer as the common language that brings people together. Join us on this journey where great beer meets a strong local community spirit at Future Magic.

Servicing and doing right by our community is and will continue to be our primary focus. We want to invite you to have your say on how we can do that by using our suggestion box below.

Suggestion Box

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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