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Something Magic was Brewing.

Thanks for being part of the Magic!

Future Magic Community

Our Crowdfund Campaign

Many breweries now use Equity Crowdfunding to grow or expand their business. People can invest money to become part owners and share in that company's success.​


Very few (none that we can think of!) ever crowdfunded at startup stage. We recently chose to do our first crowdfund round at exactly this stage because we wanted our community to be involved from the beginning. We want the community to help shape our brewery into something that suits all of us.


A brewery built by the community, for the community.​


It had success beyond our wildest imaginations, raising almost $300k out of 230 investors who believed in a business and the path it wanted to take. We cannot thank those individuals enough, thank you for believing in us and backing us, we would not be as far along our path as we are today without your support.


That round of investment has now closed but who knows what the Future might hold for us. Use the buttons on this page to subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't already and be the first to receive news about any Future investment opportunities.

Cheers and Beers,

Sean & Rhys

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