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** For Future Magic Investors Only until 14/06/24, available in the taproom from 14/06/24 **  


**All non-investor orders will be fulfilled with remaining stock after investor orders are shipped, no guarantee of stock remaining after investor round**


Reality Distortion Field takes its name from the mindset that is required to open a craft brewery.


We teamed up with our mates at Mountain Culture in Katoomba, a brewery founded and run by a husband and wife team to brew a West Coast IPA that perfectly marries together what we love about modern and old school IPAs.


We created a full, malty backbone using one of the most complex IPA malt bills they've ever milled in. Columbus and Simcoe hops, which are found in the best West Coast IPAs from around the world, were combined hot side and early in the dry hop to provide the characteristic notes of citrus and pine. We added Talus hops as a late dry hop to dial up the grapefruit and resin notes.


Best enjoyed with a loved one after a day of making the impossible happen.

Reality Distortion Field

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