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Why Crowdfunding?

Hi all,

We wanted to follow up after the launch of the Equity Crowdfunding campaign yesterday on Birchal. We've been ecstatic with the response so far and can't wait to see what the rest of the journey has in store for us. A common question we've had from friends, family and colleagues is "Why crowdfunding?" and that's exactly what I wanted to talk about today!

Why Crowdfund?

We want our customers to come on our journey with us, be brand ambassadors and help create a brewery bigger than the sum of its parts! Beer and brewing have a rich history of community involvement. Breweries and brewing ingredients were once at the centre of a community's trade, wealth, sense of pride and happiness. With mass production and job outsourcing of the Industrial Age, the sense of community around beer was lost. In recent years however, craft beer fans and the wider community have enjoyed a 'return to village'. We're once again seeing the value in supporting local business. People like to know where their product comes from and who makes it, and enjoy the feeling of belonging within that community. We're excited to adopt that sense of belonging and camaraderie and bring it into Future Magic. We think there's no better way to commit to being community-focused than offering part of Future Magic to the community. Very few companies have gone through equity crowdfunding at this stage. When most companies crowdfund they have already gone through significant expansion. Their value is much higher than when they first started and they give away a much smaller percentage of the company. This is opposite for startup companies that are yet to go through a big expansion. We are the first brewery that we've seen Equity Crowdfund from the very beginning. This shows our commitment to community and how eager we are for you to share in any success! If you want to join us, express your interest now and be the first to know when our investment round is open: Come and be part of the Magic! Regards, Sean & Rhys Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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