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We're Crowdfunding!!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Hi folks, What a journey we’ve been on recently…

We started working on Future Magic Brewing Co. around 5 years ago. Since then the company has come from a dream to a brand that is getting a reputation for great beer before we've even opened our venue! We've landed and pre-sold our beers to some of Brisbane's best craft beer venues. We've also negotiated collaborations and product contracts to secure a portion of our production before we've officially launched. We're well on the way with our brewery build and tying in with our mission of a brewery built by and for the community. So, without further ado..

Today we’ve launched our Expression of Interest campaign on Birchal!

This means that you can register your interest to be one of the first crowd investors in our business when we launch our live offer.

Why Crowdfund?

For the first time in Australia, private companies like Future Magic can access Equity Crowdfunding. This allows anyone to invest in young and high growth companies. Our customers and ambassadors have been spreading the word of Future Magic for a while now. We see equity crowdfunding as an opportunity to involve everyone that's supported us, while raising the capital we need to accelerate our growth and take us to the next level. If you want to join us, express your interest now and be the first to know when our investment round is open: Something Magic is Brewing. Come and be part of the Magic! Regards, Sean & Rhys Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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