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Future Magic - The Story of How a Brewery Gets a Name.

After deciding that our numerous conversations (and schemes and dreams) of opening a brewery were worth pursuing we spent months brainstorming trying to think of a name for our venture. After countless hours of trying to conjure up a concept for a brewery name we hadn’t thought of anything we thought was worth pursuing and were about to give up hope of finding a name until a chance encounter with a book on icons and symbolism sparked an idea.

Throughout the long human history of brewing there have been many civilisations that have created their own fermented grain based drinks. Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Vikings, Druids, Ale Wives, Medicine Men, Witch Doctors and wildcrafting brewers have all dedicated themselves to creating liquid libations and this is the essence of the creation of brewing. Through thousands of years of brewing no one truly understood exactly how beer was made. For the first hunter gatherers the transformation of grains into beer must have seemed truly magical and connected to the gods. All around the world ceremonies were undertaken and deities were worshipped in the hope and expectation of beer. This was before the time where humans knew what yeast was and the process of making beer was perceived as magic, “godisgoode” was the English name of the brewing process because there was no way to explain what processes that were undertaken to change wort into beer, no one knew that yeast existed or its important role in beer creation and therefore it was believed that the spirits or gods must of had a role in the brewing process.

This is where our Future Magic name is derived from, the hope and wonder in the process of brewing, paying homage to thousands of years of human endeavour in the pursuit of making beer from its beginnings in esoteric alchemy and magic through storytelling to now understanding the world (and beer) through art and science. Future Magic is also a way of saying that there are positive and better experiences just ahead of us. It's also meant to represent that as technology changes things get better for humanity.

Cheers, Rhys.

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