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'Name This Pale Ale' Competition

Introducing our 'Name This Pale Ale' Competition!

We believe that the humble Pale Ale is the canary in the coal mine or yardstick to measure an Aussie brewery (and therefore one of the most important beers a brewery has in its lineup). We’re proud of our little pale ale, it’s already an award-winning beer (‘Name This’ won a bronze award at the Royal Queensland Awards this March). When we were putting together our core range we knew that we wanted a Pale Ale and we thought what better way to involve our community than to get you all involved in creating the name for the beer!

‘Name This’ was so popular in our taproom that it actually sold out the first time we brewed it before we got a chance to launch the competition as originally planned! After a successful launch at GABS Brisbane Festival, we are excited to invite you and your wordsmith friends to put your thinking caps on and help us name this beer!

How to Participate:

2. Get Inspired: Immerse yourself in the world of Future Magic Brewing Co. Explore the core values that define our brand, namely our brand identity, our commitment to quality beer, and our local community. Allow these inspirations to fuel your creative energy! Think of a name that resonates with the essence of our pale ale.

3. Submit Your Entry: Once you've crafted the perfect name, submit your entry. Don't forget to provide a brief explanation of why you believe your chosen name is the perfect fit for our pale ale. If you have a graphic design concept to go along with the name, please articulate it for us. We can't wait to hear your story!

4. Share the Excitement: Spread the Word! Share our socials and encourage your friends, family, and fellow beer enthusiasts to participate. The more creative minds we have on board, the greater the chance we'll find the ideal name for our pale ale.

The Prize:

The winner of the "Name This Pale Ale" competition will be rewarded handsomely. Not only will their chosen name become the official moniker for our core range Pale Ale, but they will also receive a prize pack to the value of approximately $200 (AUD) including a couple of cases of the pale ale and a merchandise pack.

At Future Magic, we believe in the power of community and the magic that comes from collaboration. Our "Name This Pale Ale" competition embodies this ethos, inviting all beer enthusiasts to share their creativity and passion for beer.



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