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Monday blues? Yep, us too! But we have an action packed week ahead at Future Magic

G’day friends,

As February draws to a close, here’s a wrap up on all things Future Magic! The response to Hazy Shade of Pale has been off the charts! We've practically blitzed through our 3-month supply in just 3 weeks! Talk about thirsty, our Hazy brew is disappearing quicker than a pint at happy hour!

But fear not, thirsty friends!

While our stocks are dwindling faster than you can say "cheers," we've got a plan in action! We're brewing up a storm to replenish our supply, but in the meantime, you'll want to act fast to snag your share of the hazy goodness.

Whether you're swinging by for a taste on tap or clicking your way to beer bliss online, make sure you don't miss out on this limited sensation! 

This Week at Future Magic- 

Yoga and Beer: Starting this Wednesday, unwind and rejuvenate with our Yoga and Beer sessions. Stretch, relax, and sip on some local can for the ultimate mid-week treat! Bring your yoga mat or beach towel and enjoy an hour of yoga on the brewery floor, which kicks off at 6pm. 

Thursday 630pm Trivia!! We recommend booking.

Now, onto the main event: our Brew Local Beer extravaganza on 24 February!

Beer: Born and brewed in East Brisbane. You don't get any more local than that.

Special: Beer and Pizza slab - $19

That's right, indulge in a Schoonerish (tulip) of beer paired perfectly with a homemade deep-pan pizza slice. Whether you're a meat lover, vegetarian, or a Margherita fan, enjoy your fav combo with change out of 20 bucks!

Fun and Games: Join in the excitement with our Blind Beer Tasting at 2pm and 6pm. Test your knowledge of Future Magic beers against fellow enthusiasts, and the outright winner will score big – a Squealer filled with their fav  brew and a delicious pizza to enjoy!

Don't forget to pencil in St. Patrick's Day on March 17th into your calendar for more brew-tiful celebrations!

And as always we are super grateful to our incredible community – you're the reason we're brewing up a storm in the first place!

Cheers and beers,


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