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Join the Local Celebration on Feb 24th with Beer, Pizza, and Fun – Cheers to Community Spirit

G’day mates,

Sean here! Hope your year is off to a cracking start. Reflecting on Future Magic's recent milestones fills us with gratitude. We owe our success to the incredible support of our communities, our local community - now friends,  our investor community - who supported us from the outset,  our local business community - who have embraced our beers on taps and take-away.

A massive thank you to friends, family, and locals who celebrated our first birthday. Your presence made it unforgettable. Thanks to you we had another record-breaking day in the bar and kitchen. Our incredible staff pulled the day off beautifully, yet again. Thanks guys.

Way back in early December we had a cracking day brewing with some of our investors (as well as enjoying a few beers together and having the craic).  That day we brewed one of the best beers to come out of our brewery.  Yup, “Hazy Shade of Pale” is a beauty.

Hazy Shade of Pale has been an instant hit in our  taproom.  But don’t despair! Hazy Shade of Pale will be available in cans from Monday 5th Feb,  in our online store, taproom and selected local bottle shops.

Get your hands on our Hazy, an easy-drinking tropical fruit salad beer that really hits the spot.

Save the date:  24 Feb we will be hosting a  Brew Local Beer event:  

Beer:  Born and  brewed in East Brisbane.

You don’t get any more local than that. 

Special: Beer and Pizza slab - $19

That’s right a Schoonerish (tulip) of beer and a homemade deep-pan pizza slice:     

Meatlovers, Vegetarian or Margherita with change out of 20 bucks!

Fun and games: Join in the fun with our Blind Beer Tasting at 2pm and 6pm. Take centre stage and put your knowledge of Future Magic beers against others..  The outright winner will take home a Squealer filled with their favourite brew and a pizza. 


Keeping Local Real.

At Future Magic, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and keeping it local. We brew our beer right here on site, in East Brisbane, no transporting beer from elsewhere.    Our chef chooses local produce and suppliers wherever possible.

Please save the date, bring your crew and let’s raise a glass to local brews and community spirit.

Future Magic, the neighbourhood’s living room, where the magic of shared moments happens locally. 

Cheers and beers,


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