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Hurry Up and Wait!

If you've ever followed another brewery's startup story you may be familiar with this phase that we are currently sitting right in the midst of.

Setting up a brewery is an incredibly stressful and fast-paced process. There's lots of important milestones to hit and all the work you do generally leads up to the completion of these. Sometimes though (lets face it, quite a bit of the time!) things don't go 100% to plan in the way or in the timeframe you expect. This leads to the situation described in the title...hurry up and wait!

You can look on these times as dead downtime or as an opportunity to get other things done. There are approximately a GAZLLION little tasks to organise that all take time like any other but make perfect use of this downtime between major tasks, such things that we've done so far include:

  • Merchandise design

  • Setting up website and social media

  • Designing and brewing pilot batch recipes

  • Designing some core range cans and a few extra little treats we'll show you soon!

  • Writing blog posts to keep our lovely readers up to date! (See what I did there?)

  • Running small beer launch events

You may also know from reading one of our other posts that we are currently negotiating a lease on a property so we can start building a beautiful brewery for us and a gorgeous taproom for all of you! This is also plenty to keep us busy as we need to arrange power, insurance and more to continue with the final stages of negotiations. These negotiations can take time as you're taking on a lease for a long time and need to think of all possible scenarios and the landlord is rightfully doing the same. We are close and hopefully we will have an exciting post for you soon holding up some jangly keys! If not we will document the process for you all regardless in the hope that it may help someone else on their journey.

In other news the Mango & Passion Fruit Sour beer launch at Aji in Tenerife went spectacularly!

We blasted through around 80% of the keg in a night with just a small gathering and the guys at Aji said they had a great day's trade because of it too so I see a bit of a friendship forming! I even got to pour a beer (that definitely wasn't for me!) and do all the exciting things that brewers do during such events including drinking far too much of the same beer (which still tasted good with each glass!) and having decreasingly coherent conversations with friends old and new.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages to find out when we're launching our event and be sure to come down and say hi!

We will keep you up to date on the property too and hopefully will be able to reveal A LOT more very soon.

Bye for now,


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