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Hello, world! Big News! We officially have a brewery location! - Future Magic Brewing Co.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

We are really excited to announce that we officially have a location and keys for our Brewery site! The search for a property has taken us nearly a year of work behind the scenes. After countless hours of online searching, emails, and phone calls to real estate agents (not to mention upwards of 20 different site inspections), and multiple offers which became acceptances then rejections we are beyond stoked to have a physical location locked in.

Our location is in East Brisbane on Manilla St, which if you’re a keen Brisbane craft enthusiast you might realise is the same street as Black Hops Brisbane (and Semi-Pro Brewing before it). We’re excited to have Black Hops just down the road as they have been a massive inspiration for us since their inception in 2016 and are an amazing success story all around.

To mark the occasion we celebrated our success with a little key ceremony and toasted with some Belgian ales and imperial stouts.

We’re excited to have a property location under our belt and now the real work begins. There is LOTS to do! Keep your eyes tuned as we will be blogging as much of the building process of our brewery as humanly possible!

Cheers, Rhys and Sean.

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