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Future Magic: Your TOP Pick for GABS Hottest 100 Beers in 2023!

G’day friends, Sean here!

Have you cast your vote yet for the ultimate Aussie craft brew that deserves the top spot in the GABS Hottest 100? 

Please head to GABS Hottest 100 voting page and vote Future Magic no. 1. With our beer’s enchanting flavours and irresistible charm, our beers are set to take you to another Galaxy.

**Cough, cough - vote 1 for Galaxy Dust! 

It’s a pretty simple process!

Step 1: Head to GABS Hottest 100 voting page and find “Future Magic”

Step 2: Assemble your top 5 beers of 2023, we’ll gently suggest Galaxy Dust or Citra for Safety as your no. 1 alongside your other Future Magic favs.

Step 3: Submit your winning lineup!

Our ethos is simple here at Future Magic we are brewing up community spirit in every sip!

We are more than just a taphouse, we are on a mission to weave the essence of togetherness with craft beer!

So as you embark on this voting journey, remember your support matters - you aren’t just voting for a craft beer but it’s community.

Embrace the magic, sip the delight, and let your vote create a legacy for the ages! 

Please VOTE now! 

**Cue Voice Over - please Vote as Sean as no 1. Beer legend - oh sorry Future Magic for Gabs Hottest 100.

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