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Designing Our Brand identity - Future Magic Brewing Co.

G’day everyone! Rhys here,

Firstly if you haven’t done so already and you’re interested in learning more about the meaning of our brand name and origin story check out the blog post “Future Magic - The Story of How a Brewery Gets a Name”. Secondly, thank you! We’ve had a bunch of comments and feedback about our logo design and branding and also some questions about how we came up with the concept, so I wanted to explain the process that we went through to design our logo and also introduce a new component of our brand identity that you might not have seen yet.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a design, branding and visual communication enthusiast (I studied Industrial Design). I also have a keen interest in storytelling and communication especially focused on craft beer marketing. I’ve been following beer branding for well over a decade, both in Australia and internationally and I’ve tried to immerse myself into learning as much as I can about brewing history, branding and craft beer culture. At the time 10+ years ago when I became obsessed with beer, I didn’t really know anyone in the beer industry. Social media was starting to explode so I decided the best way to learn was to start a craft beer review and travel Instagram. In early 2014 I started an Instagram account named @instabrews ( and since then I’ve undertaken visits to and interviews with breweries in Australia, NZ, Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. My intention was to acquire as much information and knowledge as possible about beer business, graphic design / brand identity, and beer storytelling.

After Sean and I became serious about opening a brewery we started to think about possible brand names (as described in the blog post mentioned above). In May 2021 I pitched to Sean the possible brewery name ‘Future Magic’ and once we decided and settled on the name I started brainstorming a potential logo for the brand. I had a roughly formed idea that I wanted to have two graphic design elements for the brand. 1) A logo mark / monogram (abstract graphical elements) and 2) A wordmark or lettermark (a logo based on a typeface).

The attached images show the overall progression of both the designs as I was working on them from initial sketches through to final design. The design process started on paper with some pencil sketches of magical elements like cauldrons, wands, brooms, witches, etc before moving away from these icons because I didn’t want to have a logo that was clichéd. I was trying to find a balance of something that’s perceived as magical but also isn’t an overused trope. I brainstormed on the theme of magic word association and wrote phrases like “Moon phases / Double Moons / Solstice / Equinox / Seasons / Festival / Celebration”. I then experimented with different typefaces and their subsequent fonts but nothing really jumped out at me. A few weeks later upon revisiting the design process and brainstorming the idea hit me out of the blue. I started to experiment with replacing the letter ‘C’ in Magic with a crescent moon. Pencil sketches and cardboard cutouts transitioned to drawing in Illustrator and rotating the moon to different angles to try to find the best layout. After a week or so of tinkering after work (and lots of feedback from family and friends) we settled on the text-based logo design.

For the symbol-based logo concept, I took inspiration from the “C” shaped moon from the main logo and ideated some drawings around the idea of “Moon phases / Double Moons” with an experiment to draw something like a lunar cycle from waxing to waning (I was also actively taking inspiration from a magical place called Tatooine). The concept based around the moon phase logo came to life in August 2021 through a series of drawings on Post It notes and these turned into the basis of vector designs in Illustrator. This design took about two weeks of drawing every night after work to get to a point where it represented what I had envisioned.

If I’m honest I’m not a wiz-bang graphic designer and I’m a little ‘slow on the tools’ when it comes to using graphic design software, I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to undertaking any design or brand identity work. So I honestly spent way too long drawing both the designs in Illustrator. I think the perception of the majority of people in society is that design is easy and that it’s instantly achieved from ideation to finalised design but this process was really painstaking and a process of iteration after iteration. I tried to approach the process with an open mind and be receptive to any feedback along the way. I was open to the idea of handing off what I had ideated to a professional Graphic Designer or scrapping what I had come up with and handing the whole process over to a branding expert if required.

I also want to share a little shoutout and thanks to Pocket Beagles (Clint Weaver) Melbourne, Australia. He’s a graphic designer specialising in craft beer design / brand identity. Clint helped me to refine my logo ideas with a professional eye and help with font kerning and overall tightening up of the concepts. He’s also the designer we trusted the process of bringing our beer can designs to life (more of them to come in future posts). His feedback and perspective helped solidify the designs and I’m grateful for his help.

Hopefully you found this blog informative, if you have any questions, comments or feedback please send it our way.

Blue skies, Rhys.

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