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Canning Day Triumph, Meet Our Chef, Toast to 'The Hoppy One', and Fresh Brews Hit Our Website

G’day Future Magic Beer Enthusiasts,

Mattia has been enjoying Asia and is now continuing his backpacking but Mattia has left us in great hands. Let's all give a hearty welcome to Allesandro, our fantastic new Italian pizza chef!  Allesandro's bringing fresh vibes to our menu, but fear not – your cherished made-from-scratch-pizzas are still the shining stars. Brace yourselves for an array of tasty Specials

 Welcome to the FM fam Allesandro, mangia, mangia!

A massive shout-out to Amber and our mates at East Coast Canning – we recently had an epic canning day with them, and it was an absolute blast. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

BEER NEWS: Let's raise a glass to our latest beer – the Hoppy One, a Hazy Double IPA. Brace yourself for a super hoppy experience complemented by a robust malt flavour that'll have your taste buds dancing.

Nothing more to say - taste it for yourself.

Try it at home (now available online)  or come in and pair it with our Special Prawn pizza. Trust us -  it's magic. 

24th of February Come on down from 11.30 am for your  Local Beer Day event that's as East Brisbane as it gets. 

Beer Born and brewed right here in our beloved East Brisbane – you can't get any more local than that. 

Just one of the deals on the day – a Schoonerish (tulip) of one of our finest brew paired with a heavenly homemade deep-pan pizza slice. (more of a slab really!). 

Go Meatlovers, Vegetarian, or Margherita, For just $19! Yes, you read that right – change out of 20 bucks 🤩  for a beer and a slab of scrumptiousness.  Plenty of fun, games and giveaways also!  

So, gather your mates, bring your taste buds, and enjoy an epic day of local beer, local pizza, and local friendly competition. Let's make memories and celebrate the magic of brewing, Future Magic style.

Did you say “Beer and Yoga”? Yes we did!  Join us on February 21 for a Yoga and Beer evening, no yoga skills required just $20, your yoga mat  (or a beach towel) and thirst for one of our local brews.  Can’t wait!

Cheers to good times, even better local brews, and the amazing folks who make it all happen!

Cheers and beers,

Sean and The Future Magic Brewing Team

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